Why to use ./ while giving a name for cq:widget


Question: Why do we use ./ while giving a name for cq:widget. I didnt find any answer about it anywhere clearly. Is it a stardard way to do it or there is some meaning to it ?

Answer: In AEM every piece of content is treated as resource. if you have name = ./textValue, you might notice name is given as a relative path.

This is where REST comes into picture, now when you can easily access this value via path /content/project/en/demo/jcr:content/right-side-content/text-component/textValue.json [ its project specifc, your might be different.]

As /content/project/en/demo/jcr:content/right-side-content/text-component  is your component path in crxde

“./” denotes next relative path which is ./textValue.

Which adds up to give you a resource path to /content/project/en/demo/jcr:content/right-side-content/text-component/textValue.json

This is what I feel from AEM, sling, REST point of view.

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