Use sightly in AEM 5.6.1


Sightly is one of many good features introduced in AEM 6.x onwards. Developers working 6.x have started taking it advantages in order to make a better and easy to maintain project. Recently one of developer said, “We are still in boat of AEM 5.6.1, but we want to use sightly”. You might also be thinking about this.

Adobe has released a feature pack for those who want to take benefit of sightly in AEM 5.6.1. It’s just 2 steps simple process:-

  1. Go to AEM Sightly documentation page

a. Click on the highlighted, here’s the link


b. Log in to Adobe Account, If you don’t have any you can create one

c. Download the package


2. Install the package in your AEM 5.6.1 instance. You are ready to use Sightly.

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