Enable SSL by default in Adobe AEM 6.3

Enable SSL By Default in AEM6.3


 In this Article, I am going to explain how to use SSL Wizard in AEM6.3 to enable SSL by default for AEM instances. Before start explaining how to enable SSL in AEM, I want to share the necessity behind https implementation for current age websites. Initially we implemented SSL for pages that involves transactional data like […]

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Reading OSGi Configuration properties


 Having talking about different ways of managing OSGi configuration here, I would like to extend from there and talk about how to create the configuration properties for a service how to read the configuration values in the service. How to Create the configurable properties:

As shown in the above example, Use @Property annotation for […]

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Configuring AEM Maven Archetype for Eclipse Plugin


 Once you install AEM Plugin in Eclipse, we need to add AEM archetype and follow the below steps to do the same. Step 1:  click Window > Preferences and Select Archetype under Maven. Click on ‘Add Remote Catalog’ Step 2:  Give the url ‘https://repo.adobe.com/nexus/content/groups/public/archetype-catalog.xml’ and provide description. Click on Verify and say ‘Ok’ If there […]

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