Configuring AEM Maven Archetype for Eclipse Plugin


 Once you install AEM Plugin in Eclipse, we need to add AEM archetype and follow the below steps to do the same. Step 1:  click Window > Preferences and Select Archetype under Maven. Click on ‘Add Remote Catalog’ Step 2:  Give the url ‘’ and provide description. Click on Verify and say ‘Ok’ If there […]

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AEM 6.0 Service Pack 1


    Adobe have released AEM 6.0 Service Pack 1 after 4 months of its major release which was  in May  2014 with some important updates on stability, performance, security, bug fixes and some enhancements. Download URL : PackageShare Release Notes   Key highlights are Support for Java 8 (Oracle SE 8 JRE 1.8) added. The built-in […]

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About this space


 Purpose of this post is to give an idea about why this space and what to expect here… Currently most of the organizations are undergoing ‘Digital Transformation’ and we have tons of platforms to do the same.  Wordpress, Drupal, Sitecore, EPi Server, Magnolia, Alfresco and many more in various technologies like PHP, .NET, Java respectively. ADOBE […]

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