Multiple image upload for image component (touch UI)


Question: I’m trying to modify the existing image component so the edit dialog will have two tabs, the first tab is to upload the desktop version of the image and the second tab is to upload the mobile version of the image.Initially the fileupload function worked, when there’s only one field for the image. The image will be created as a file under the content folder.I modified the component and have the field with different name. The images are created in the content folder, but it is not rendered in the UI.If we use “file” as the properties name, it will work, but when we upload the second image it will be overwritten. Seems like it only recognizes “file” as name.Do you happen to know how to render the images that have been created in the content folder or to configure the file name to be renderd ?

Answer: File a support ticket to get Hot fix 6760

2 thoughts on “Multiple image upload for image component (touch UI)

  1. HI can you please tell me if you could figure out the solution – i am kind of struck too. I am able to upload in both places but cant drag and drop in the second tab

    1. Hi Deepthi,
      Are you saying that you are able to upload imags but not drag and drop in tabs, could you please clarify.


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