LogViewer – One easy way to debug AEM logs in Eclipse


AEM is a great a WCM tools. Developing servlets, services, component is always awesome in it as long as its going right, but as once you are not able to see expected output you will straight away catch a flight to log files. Any big application like AEM will generate a lot off logs at a single point of time which makes it hard to debug. For developers watching logs in CRXDE consoles has always been a trouble.

Here we will show how you can configure logviewer plugin in you eclipse. Once installed you can open your aem log files and see runtime logs without any issue:-

1. Open Eclipse Market place and install LogViewer

log viewer

2.  Once Installed, Go to Windows -> Show View and Open LogViewer

Eclipse Logviewer

3. Open your AEM log files

Open Log file

4. You should be able to see logs now

Error Log File

Happy Debugging…

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