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Implement DataSource for drop down using Sightly AEM 6.1


In Touch UI component, DataSource is very useful when it comes populate drop down dynamically. This article will help you to understand how datasource can be used with Sightly and leaving JSP behind.

Let’s get started with authoring…

Sightly DataSource Component Authoring

Component contains a simple drop down, values for this will be populate dynamically using DataSource.

Here is the code used…

1. DataSource is present at /apps/sightlydatasource/components/content/sample-ds

It simply calls the Java class which act as DataSource


Line 45: Create new SimpleDataDource object and pass the iterator of our list which contains data.

Here is the AEM Helpx article which shows same in JSP 

Let me know if you need any help in implementation.

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  1. hi praveen,

    i have some questions pls answer me .. meny ways we can able to create session object in order to acesses repostiroy or node?
    2.what maven archatype?


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