Copying content and assets from uat CQ server to Prod CQ server ?


Question: In my project we have a new site in UAT server and  users are doing all the content and asset authoring over here.  The total size of the web site and the respective assets are around 50GB.

Now our target is to move these content to prod environment. Now the process, I can think of is to transfer by creating package and transferring them to prod server but it is very much time consuming.

So I seek some suggestion and best process around here to transfer 50 GB of content/Asset from Uat CQ server to Prod CQ server.

AnswerI highly suggest to avoid using the package manager for this kind of package.
Instead, you can follows the procedure described here: a File Install Provider

Remember that no snapshot of that package is created in this case and in cluster instance you only have to install package in one instance (master instance is recommended)

Please refer this link as well :

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