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This Club mainly focus on ‘Adobe Experience Manager’ tool and try to write blogs on any topic which helps the community. This website is recognized as helpful by the Adobe community and been listed on their main ‘AEM Community‘ Page.  Anybody can contribute to this club on whatever they learn in AEM so that its helps others. If you like to be part of this club, send me an email to or Write to us below

Club Members

Lokesh BS (@bsloki)bsloki

Having around 11yrs of IT industry experience in development, currently working as an AEM Architect in Mindtree Ltd, US. Being the ‘Top Contributor’ of AEM Community and AEM Architect certified, I try to write up with my knowledge and experience hoping it helps others!

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Twitter: @bsloki

Praveen Dubey (@edubey)

My Journey has been pretty exciting till now, working as Software Developer in HCL and also being in the ‘Top Contributor’ of AEM Community . I am2014-11-21 05.16.20_edited currently an Adobe Experience Manager Developer, trust me – its a great tool. From a simple basic website to full featured customized website can be easily developed.

Doing development in Java, Sling Apache, OSGI, JSP intergation these with front ends like Html, CSS, jQuery.

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Shankar Krishnan


Shankar is an experienced Software Architect/Engineer with over 10 years of experience building large enterprise web applications for various enterprises. He is currently engaged in a complex Adobe Experience Manager WCM based development project that handles a few million page views a month and integration with 3rd party systems.

Shankar holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Western Kentucky University, United States and and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Madras University, India.

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