Companion Tool – Desktop App for AEM DAM Assets


Adobe have released AEM Assets Companion tool which is renamed as ‘Desktop App’ after AEM 6.2 which lets you to map all the AEM Assets to a network directory which sits local to your system. This would be a great tool for authors, business in many ways

  1. It helps to upload, delete assets in bulk. This will also eliminate the usage of WebDAV and makes it simple.
  2. Users can edit the images locally using their beloved tool and save it locally which reflect on the AEM instance.
  3. You can browse the asset locally using explorer.

You can download the Companion App based on your OS here or in your AEM instance go to , Tools > Assets > Desktop Tools for AEM


Installation steps for Windows

  1. Download the app from the above link based on your OS Compatiblity.
  2. Double click the .msi file (Windows Installer Package) and click on ‘Next’


  3. Select the ‘Install Folder’ and Click ‘Next


  4. Click on ‘Install’


  5. Once its installed, it would have created a ‘Network drive’ (X:) in your local system.
  6. Click on ‘Launch’ to open the Desktop App


Configuration – App

  1. Once you launch the app, give the host and port of your instance and click ‘Login. (Make sure AEM instance is running)Configure_App
  2. It connects to the AEM instance and opens the login screen. Provide User name / Pwd and Click ‘SignIn’.Login_App
  3. On successful login, it opens the local explorer where all the assets would be synced to local network drive from the AEM instance.Local_Explorer
  4. You can create/modify assets and see the same is reflected on your AEM Assets

Configuration – AEM

  1. Go to AEM instance and click on ‘User’ iconUser_Icon
  2. Click on ‘User Preferences’ iconUser_Preferences
  3. Select the ‘Show Desktop actions for Assets’ and click ‘Accept’Configure_Preference
  4. Navigate to AEM Assets and you can now see an icon for ‘Reveal on Desktop’ for the assetsAssets_Icon
  5. Once you click the icon, it asks to launch the application and open the local explorer.

Now, you have established the two-way sync between the AEM instance and the Desktop App.

2 thoughts on “Companion Tool – Desktop App for AEM DAM Assets

  1. Hi and thanks for the article…..

    It’s doesn’t work for me in Windows 10 professional…….. it’s stuck in the Loading process (same in both versions 6.1 and for 6.2), the login windows never opens …..

    Thanks …..

  2. hello,

    Is there a way to edit the metadata shown in the “More Asset Info…” window ?

    Many Thanks


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