Display YouTube Component using JSON Data


 Develop an AEM HTML Template Language component that uses the WCMUsePojo class and invokes a third-party Restful web service. Also, discusses how to use the GSON Java library within AEM to parse the JSON reponse. You can create an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) HTML Template Language (HTL) component that displays data retrieved from a third-party Restful […]

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AEM 6.3 – Identify difference between foundation components and core components.


  Provide components that are easier to use. Reduces the number of code changes needed to use these components. It provides a way to configure a component once it’s used in a template via UI in template editor. Provides clear css naming to style and theme of the components without changing the HTL code. Introduces […]

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About this space


 Purpose of this post is to give an idea about why this space and what to expect here… Currently most of the organizations are undergoing ‘Digital Transformation’ and we have tons of platforms to do the same.  Wordpress, Drupal, Sitecore, EPi Server, Magnolia, Alfresco and many more in various technologies like PHP, .NET, Java respectively. ADOBE […]

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