Customize Touch UI

Customize Touch UI dialog for Image Component


 This article talks about disabling the ‘File Upload’ option for the image component in Touch UI dialog (screenshot shown below). This also helps in understanding Customizing the Touch UI dialog Inheriting the foundation component Lets follow the below steps: Create a custom image component under /apps/<your-app>/components/ Add a property sling:resourceSuperType = wcm/foundation/components/image to inherit the OOB image […]

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Reading OSGi Configuration properties


 Having talking about different ways of managing OSGi configuration here, I would like to extend from there and talk about how to create the configuration properties for a service how to read the configuration values in the service. How to Create the configurable properties:

As shown in the above example, Use @Property annotation for […]

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AEM and Java 8


 If you are trying to install AEM 6.0 with  Java 8, might be facing issues in succeeding it and would be thinking about does AEM 6.0 support Java 8 or not ! But actually yes, you can install AEM 6.0 with Java 8 by following the below steps 1. Install AEM 6.0 with Java 7 on first 2. Install […]

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