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There was a community session on the technical sneak peek of AEM and I am trying to put down some of the them which were really interesting. Also keeping in sight that it would benefit the guys who have missed it.

Adobe is ready to launch their next version of AEM in SUMMIT happening on March 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT

1. Seemless integration with Designers and UI Developers

Having Brackets as the developer tools for the UI developers to create templates and components with the extension for AEM and the plugin for Photoshop cloud for Brackets, it helps component developers use the assets, styles from PSDs directly on to sightly htmls. Bracket helps further by having auto-complete feature and increase the productivity of the components developers.

PSD to Comp
PSD to Comp


2. Jackrabbit Oak innovations

  • Ability to persist data on RDBMs like SQL Server , Oracle DB
  • Having standby for TarMK
    TarMK Cold Slaves
    TarMK Cold Slaves

3. Dialog Conversion Tool

Introducing Touch UI in AEM 6 made component developers to convert/develop Touch UI dialog separately along with the Classic UI. To make it ease, AEM comes with the ‘Dialog Conversion Tool’. This tool can be used to convert the Classic UI dialog to Touch UI automatically. As its an initial version it does have some limitations/imperfections with it but atleast aims at giving the basic structure of Touch UI to start with.

This tool is present in /lib/cq/dialogupgrade. There are some rules defined under this which helps in the conversion and one can customize/extend if there are any custom widgets in the dialog. It can also be done programmatically by implementing ‘DialogRewriteRule’ interface

There are many other features like

4. Search Predicates

5. Sling resource Merger

6. Initial setup is made easier for Analytics and Target integration

7. Segmentation engine for target content in Campaign integration

8. Abstract persistence layer for Adobe social, JCR and Mongo

9. PhoneGap Enterprise app viewer

You can download this pdf AEM Technical Sneak Peek

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