AEM and Java 8


If you are trying to install AEM 6.0 with  Java 8, might be facing issues in succeeding it and would be thinking about does AEM 6.0 support Java 8 or not ! But actually yes, you can install AEM 6.0 with Java 8 by following the below steps

1. Install AEM 6.0 with Java 7 on first

2. Install SP 1 for AEM 6.0. You can download from here.

3. Install Java 8

4. Now, you can run AEM6.0 with SP1 with Java 8

2 thoughts on “AEM and Java 8

  1. Creating the crx-quickstart/install directory and putting a copy of the SP2 there before the initial “install” also might work with Java 8.


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