AEM Beginner – Whats the difference between Publish / Activate / Replicate ?


For a person who is beginner in AEM or just started using it will sometimes gets confused with these three things :-

  1. When someone says Publish a page [OR]
  2. When someone says Activate a page [OR]
  3. When someone says Replicate a page to publish .

Actually these three terms means same thing which is pushing data to publish instance or making a page available in author  to publish instance.

  • Publish / Unpublish
    These are general terms used by everybody to make your content in author to be publicly available in publish environment. 
  • Activate / Deactivate
    These terms are synonymous with publish/unpublish and meaning is same as Publish / Unpublish. They are more common in the classic UI and can be accessed from siteadmin or sidekick commonly. 
  • Replicate / Replication
    These are the technical terms used to indicate the movement of data (e.g. page content, files, code, user comments) from one environment to another; i.e. when publishing, or reverse-replicating user comments. 

As said meaning is same, but the only difference I have seen is who is actually saying these terms or using it. Business Analyst uses Publish, the people who are bit technical like developers used activate / replicate. All these interchangeable 

2 thoughts on “AEM Beginner – Whats the difference between Publish / Activate / Replicate ?

  1. Hi Praveen,

    Found your page from Google. Not sure how do I ask question? I hope you provide some guidance on Adobe AEM and Target. Do you have Adobe Target and AEM integration experience? What is the first step of the integration implementation? What I need to activate on both AEM and Target?



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