AEM 6.1 SP1 – Hot Fixes


We have seen AEM 6.1 has been more stable release since Adobe relased Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with new architectural change including Oak and Touch UI.

AEM 6.1 Service Pack 1 comes with loads of hotfixes and you can download the same here

Here is  some of the major hotfixes which I would like to highlight

Touch UI

  1. Though it has not ported all the features of Classic UI to Touch UI, Adobe is gradually porting all the features of classic UI to Touch UI along with new features like ‘Multiple Inplace editing‘ capabilities
  2. New ‘beforeinsert‘ listener

XSS Vulnerability fixes to improve Security

Fixes for Oak 1.2.7 and

loads of AEM forms fixes.

Also, remember to use the new version of Dispatcher – 4.1.11 that is released to get the advantages like configuring cache for vanity URLs

Click here to look at the complete list for hotfixes as part of AEM SP1


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