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With AEM 6.2, Adobe have introduced ‘OmniSearch’ which is very useful for the authors to search anything from the repository. This OmniSearch is a full text  predicate based which drives the results from its smart tag. So Authors can pretty much search anything they want from OmniSearch for the ‘Sites’


Where as in Classic UI of AEM 5.x, Authors will have a ‘Site Search’ in /siteadmin where they have multiple options like full text, Date Modified, Template and Tags to find the right content or page. Let us understand where exactly the options for this search is coming from and how can we customize the same.




All the columns and the actions for the search panel are located at /libs/wcm/core/content/siteadmin/tabs/searchpanel.

All the facet options for the Search are located at /libs/wcm/core/content/search/searchpanel/facets


Enable my project tags to be available as an options in ‘Tags’.

Most of the times, we would have defined a set of Tags for our site and we would like to enable the same for the Authors so that they can filter their search based on those tags. Let us see how can we achieve the same


For solving the same, let us consider ‘geometrixx-media’ as our site. All the tags for this site are located at /etc/tags/geometrixx-media


Copy the node /libs/wcm/core/content/search/searchpanel/facets under /apps


Goto the node ‘tagoptions’ and add /etc/tags/geometrixx-media for the property ‘OptionsPaths’


Save the changes and refresh siteadmin.

Now you should be able to see the ‘geometrix-media’ tags in the search options.



Note: Always remember not to change or customize anything under /libs.  Copy the node where you want to customize under /apps and make the changes. Package it with your project and deploy in the environments.


4 thoughts on “Admin Search Panel Customization

  1. Hi Lokesh,

    Nice article and very informative.

    While Admin Search panel customization I have noticed xtype of facet : path is ‘hidden’ along with
    ‘ value :(String)/content’ and ‘name: (String)path’ at /libs/wcm/core/content/search/searchpanel/facets/path.
    So, I have changed the xtype to ‘pathpredicate’ and added following properties at /apps/wcm/core/content/search/searchpanel/facets/path-
    Property value
    rootPath (String)/content
    predicateName (String)path
    Now, I am getting one more field called ‘Path’ also in Search tab.
    Please let me know your thoughts.


  2. Title and content of the article is misleading. We are talking about Omnisearch in AEM 6.2 but customization is shown for classic UI.

    1. Hi Dushyant,
      Sorry if that’s confusing. It is just a comparison to the capabilities of the omni-search to start with. But the article is to customize the classic UI admin search.


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