Disclaimer: This article reflects my own personal views and approach I took to clear all these certification exams in a year.

Two basic rules- 

  • Do not look out for dumps, loser does so.
  • Theory won’t work, you need to know practical for most of the topics.

General Thoughts

Every certification needs you to be good with certain kind of knowledge. Once you are confident enough in knowledge, give the exam. The more you play with components, services and configuration better it would be. There are no shortcuts, things are clear. One good thing about AEM Certification is a lot of things are practical. The question will be for specific scenario based, so it gives very less chance for an ambiguous answer. Best I can say is ” Try to select the answer based on only what’s given in the question, do not come up with add-on scenarios. It may confuse you ever further” 


  • Developer 9A0-384

Adobe Official Exam Guide

Questions – 51, Minimum Passing Score – 63%


  • Lead Developer 9A0-396

Adobe Official Exam Guide

Questions – 59, Minimum Passing Score – 73%


  • Architect 9A0-385

Adobe Official Exam Guide

Questions – 50, Minimum Passing Score – 58%


Your experience in the years does not matter as long as you are good with the knowledge.

How can you start

In each exam guide, you will find a particular section like below

AEM Developer Certification

It helps you to find out the topics you should be focusing more on from exam perspective.

Drill down further into the Self-Assessment Preparation  for the particular domain

AEM Developer Certifcation


It pretty much tells you everything on “Installing and configuring an AEM developer environment“, what are things you should more comfortable with or you should know for sure like installation, debug commands, how ACL is applied to a particular path in repository etc.

Give some time and evaluate these things for developer exam, you will end up having a very clear view of what you should prepare for and the number of question that can come from each topic.

Once the plan is ready, I would say keep an author, publisher, dispatcher setup separately for exam preparation. You would have to do a lot of experimentation (especially OSGi configs, dispatcher) this way you won’t screw your project and things will be separated. 


Don’t stick to your project

Whatever you learn while working on a project is always limited to some particular implementation/architecture. It won’t be enough to cover many different aspects you should be aware of.


Ways you can explore more



  • Use it as a playground to learn, ask questions.
  • Have a look at technical challenges others are facing and join the discussions.
  • Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answers to a question on the forum. 


Product Documentation

  • Helpx adobe is a very good source for information on AEM. Most of the things are self-explanatory and well documented in details.
  • Go through the topics in docs and practice along with your AEM setup 



  • Reach out to them with your doubts or clarification.
  • Pick a topic every alternate day and have a discussion on it. Will be good for both the person.


Words on action items

  1. Book the exam: If you really want to clear, book the exam right away. It can be after few weeks or 1-2 month depends on how much effort you can put in for preparation daily.
  2. Create a simple plan: Have a look at Adobe Guide and note down the areas where you need to learn or spend more time.
  3. Be Consistent: Everyone who clears AEM Certification is working on the project as well, so it’s absolutely fine if you don’t get time in between to prepare for 2-3 days, just cover it up at some point later.  Ask a friend, who can help you to stick to your plan and guide you for technical preparation.


Toughest part would be getting started, things will become much easier and interesting down the line with preparation. Need some productivity tips, here you go  https://medium.com/@edubey/quick-tips-how-to-get-most-out-of-yourself-442bf1b19460

I certainly cannot share technical questions for all these exams but hope it helps you to get started.

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