How to use Custom sling servlets in AEM applications


 Question: How can I use Custom create sling servlets in AEM Applications ? Answer: You can create custom sling servlets using Maven and deploy the servlet to Adobe CQ. Once deployed, you can use AJAX to post data to the sling servlet. For example: //Use JQuery AJAX request to post data to a Sling Servlet


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AEM publishing Instance is rendering blank HTML


 Question: I have recently created a site with CQ5.4 using the cq-quickstart-5.4.0.jar executable jar file.  In my file structure I have an author folder and a publish folder in which I am running my author and publish instances respectively.  I have been able to make changes to the Geomtrixx site and see the changes reflected on […]

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Digital Coupons and Promotions Email capability in AEM aka CQ5


 Question: Need to build a module to create highly customizable digital coupons module in AEM. The requirement is author can customize complete coupon like Uniquie Code, authorable content like product and description, %age discount, date range and bar code etc. I have looked into MCM and Campaign module but not sure which experience to choose. Is there anything “Out […]

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Multiple order by clause (QueryBuilder) in AEM aka CQ5


 Question: Trying to user querybuilder and need to have multiple order by clauses. Tried this, doesn’t work (in XPath I can see the order by doesn’t get added). What’s the correct syntax and where can I find more documentation on using these clauses? 1_orderby=@jcr:content/metadata/docType 1_orderby.sort=asc 2_orderby=@jcr:content/metadata/type 2_orderby.sort=asc Answer: Helpful articles for reference:- http://host:port/libs/cq/search/content/querydebug.html Adobe AEM […]

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Reverse Replication Agent is unable to poll the publish instance outbox


 Question: I have a weird issue where the reverse replication test works once I set up the agent. However, the agent is unable to poll to the publish instance outbox and it throws the following exception.

  Answer: By default the “HTTP Method” field in the Extended tab in the reverse replication configuration should set […]

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WAQ- stores.init.js Loaded on page with 500 error


 Question: While attempting to post comments to an individual blog post, I’ve noticed that a there is a request to load the following file: /etc/clientcontext/default/content/jcr:content/stores.init.js?path=[path of current page]. However, this file results in a 500 error. What is this file and why is it being loaded on the page? Also, how can I troubleshoot 500 errors for […]

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